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Japanese Tea Brand introducing Yame Traditional Hon Gyokuro to New York

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

The sales of tea have increased over the past decade as the awareness regarding the health benefits of tea continues to rise. The North America region especially is expected to be the fastest-growing market of tea according to research done by Market Research Future. With the goal of further promoting high quality Japanese green tea, Yame, a local Japanese tea brand from Yame, Fukuoka Japan, collaborates with a Japanese cultural center in Queens Resobox and hosted a tea tasting demonstrating at one of the WeWork offices in Manhattan.

When speaking of Japanese food culture, it’s hard not to think of Japanese tea as it is one of the most commonly drunk beverages in Japan. Since it’s such a common drink, Yame is looking to rebrand the idea of Japanese green tea itself and promote the true value of Japanese tea to the foreign market while it’s trending.

The entire team flew from Fukuoka to New York and brought in some of their signature products ― gyokuro, sencha, and hojicha. Yame offered the employees at WeWork Yame Hon-Gyokuro and Hojicha ice brew for tasting, in which many expressed that they’re impressed by the roasted taste and the rich aroma it has. Some even said they’ve never drunk tea in a wine glass like this.

Not only did the tea masters prepared the tea that comes with its original flavor, but they also made some variations to the tea, showing the WeWork employees how they can have fun with the Japanese green tea. Two variations were made at the demonstration ― Yame Sencha Sparkling and Shizuku Special cocktail. Yame Sencha was mixed with sparkling water, creating a bubbly drink that many came to enjoy. Shizuku Special cocktail was a mixture of Yame Sencha infused Vodka, sake and noble rot wine, it was paired with a small piece of stuffed olive which further brings out the taste of the cocktail. Many said they especially enjoyed Yame Sencha Sparkling and did not expect that tea can be served this way.

*Japanese version of this is published in Kigyo Gaikyo March 2020

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