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Gen Sou En: Matcha Paradise from Japan Arrived in Brookline

Brookline’s Coolidge Corner had just welcomed its first Japanese tea house, Gen Sou En, in late February.

Gen Sou En opens its first branch in the U.S.

Gen Sou En was brought by the Harada Tea Company, which had just celebrated its 100thyear.  While the company sets its headquarter in Shimada, a city in Shizuoka near Mount Fuji, they opened its first tea house in Tokyo. The newly opened tea house in Boston is Harada’s first branch overseas.

The name “Gen Sou En” is loosely translated as “farm to cup,” and that characterizes the values Harada Tea Company tries to deliver. Aiming to promote the real taste of Japanese tea, Harada brought 100 years of Japanese green tea expertise to Boston, so the guests can really obtain the authentic Japanese tea experience.

The signature green tea beverages and dessert

The tea house feature s a variety of Japanese green teas, including matcha, hojicha, and the three signature green tea blends: Umami (mellow and smooth), Kokumi (deep and complex) and Shibumi (sharp and intense). Other beverages such as black tea, coffee, and other specialties are offered as well.

different food pairings offered at Gen Sou En

The tea house also offers multiple selections of contemporary food pairings. From Japanese bento sets to matcha desserts, guests may have a taste of Japanese-inspired meals and desserts all day from early morning to late night.

On special occasions, the tea house would also offer themed pastries for a limited time. Starting from late March, for instance, sakura (cherry blossom) themed pastries were released to celebrate sakura matsuri (the Japanese cherry blossom season) in Japan.

Gen Sou En opens every day from 6:30 am to 9 pm.

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