Who Am I

My name is Claire (Chia-Yi) Wu. I was born and raised in Taiwan. I came to Boston to study at Northeastern University after I graduated from high school. At the beginning of my junior year,

I returned from Tokyo, Japan, where I did my full-time internship, I switched my major to journalism accompanied by photojournalism as a minor.

I tell stories through words, photos and voice in New York City. 


What I Do

At Northeastern, I got to explore different aspects of content creation, which include but not limited to photography, video production, and website design. 

With my interest in creating digital content and my passion for food, I also started an Instagram account @eatadakimasuw that allowed me to grow as a writer, food photographer, and a social media specialist. With the goal of promoting Asian food culture, I've also created @4petitefoodies along with my friends.

I am experienced in video editing, photo editing, and social media marketing. My skill sets include basic Microsoft Office Suites, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere.

My Strengths

I am not afraid to walk out of my comfort zone. I am willing to take opportunities and challenge myself by seeking a different path. And I am passionate about what I do and enjoy making the most out of what’s given to me.

My days and experiences as a journalism student gave me the opportunity to explore different interests of mine. I am constantly looking for new opportunities as I figure out my life's true calling.